Our homemade Pizza Margherita is getting better with practice. Compare this to the “first try” in my big pizza post – what a difference! I’ve been following the official AVPN regulations and the improvement over other popular (less authentic) recipes is incredible.

Finding fresh water buffalo mozzarella is definitely worth the extra effort, it really does make a difference. We’ve tried several different brands of canned San Marzano tomatoes and Cento brand will do just fine – no need to get cans shipped in from Italy! You will need an oven that can hit 900 °F. No matter what you may see online, no special baking stones or secret additional ingredients will make it possible to use a 550 °F home oven.

Want to make a more authentic Neapolitan pizza? Go to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana website and download the AVPN International Regulations. Follow the guide and weigh your ingredients out the first few times – ratios are so important for the final taste.